automatically better assembly

Master complexity

Anyone can master the simple.

That’s why our customers have such great trust in our ability to successfully solve demanding tasks: especially for the assembly of small, intricate components or those with a high number of variants.

We are able to solve such tasks thanks to our extensive experience gained through successfully implementing many systems along with our knowledgeable view towards the future.

This is productive technology by KÄHNY: always allowing you to keep a tight grip on your assembly tasks.

Give us a challenge.

PRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY - quality right down to the last detail

Typical for KÄHNY: We ourselves set out to develop and build components that are not available for purchase on the market with the level of design and quality that is demanded.

For us, quality right down to the last detail means using components from the best suppliers and choosing to reach up high to the very top of the shelf. We can also make use of our own high-quality components if nothing comparable is available on the market.


YOU HAVE A NEW PRODUCT - and we have your individualized automation solution

We develop and execute solutions for our customers that go on to set new standards.

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Our specialized machines are in use across the globe and they support our customers in achieving success in their markets.

Since its founding in 1969, KÄHNY has been the number-one choice as an automation partner for world-class companies when introducing products onto the market in high quantities.

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